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First Section - Introduction to the Education Issue in Second Life

The concept of Second Life

In 1999, Philip Rosedale, conceived Linden Lab focused on making virtual reality hardware; over the time, the business model changed in 2003. and Second Life was born with the idea of building a "Second Life" and established its main purpose on line collaboration and immersion in 3D environments

It is known that one of the most important possibilities of Second Life is the ability that gives the user to create content and decide over the actions they want to do in the virtual world. This freedom allowed users to explore new uses such as education, and close to 2005 Second Life really began his campaign around the World about that topic.

It was at that point, where educators were attracted by the possibility that collaboration can be achieved in this virtual world, as this is because they have always sought methodologies in education, which include collaborative work and work in group.

So, I think, his website "Second Life for Education with Special Prices on Virtual Islands for Educational Institutions", joined a whole array of resources devoted to ICT applied to teaching and, thus, Sloodle was born, as a promise to integrate Moodle with this virtual world.

The road has been long, and today we are pleased to present an example of entrepreneurship education: The Spanish Institute New Dawn and (delve ??) more with one of its mentors: Eugenia Calderon.

Second Section - 3D Virtual Institution

SL Spanish Institute

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Instituto% 20Espanol/116/154/32

Welcome to the overview of the Spanish Institute New Dawn, the leader in Spanish language teaching in SL.

The goal of the Instutito Español SL project is to use Second Life as a platform for Spanish language instruction using the intensive language immersion method. This instructional model is most commonly seen in the many language tourism schools that exist throughout Latin America and Spain.
Intensive language immersion has proven to accelerate student progress, often dramatically. Through the use of small class size, native language instruction, learning materials high in cultural content, and a rapid progression to a Spanish only classroom, students not only learn language fluency but gain an increased cultural awareness.
The teachers at the Institute are native Spanish speakers with a minimum of 5 years real life teaching experience using the intensive immersion method. We require that classes be taught in Spanish as soon as it is practical and a Spanish only classroom can be expected after 5 - 10 class hours.
For success in the classroom, it is essential that students have a functioning headset with attached microphone and be SL voice enabled.
Instituto Espanol is much more than just a Spanish school. Not only can you study Spanish, but there are many opportunities to experience cultural immersion. Our attempt has been to replicate to the extent virtually possible the experience that you might have if visiting a Spanish speaking country for language study. We believe that the more that a student participates in the cultural activities, the more success they will have in attaining their language goals.

The Spanish language experience at Instituto Espanol consists of 5 areas of focus: Spanish classes, practice partners, study groups, cultural immersion, and language tourism, elements that have made their experience of teaching - learning an art space and continuous development in both the technically as the "human" a virtual enterprise guided and served by our well known avatars.

Third Section - 3D Virtual Tutor

Professional Profile

Name: Martha Eugenia Acosta Lino

(Eugenia Calderon in Secondlife)

Nationality: Mexican.

Email: geniacalderon@gmail.com


• Studies in International Relations from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City.

• Management Course on Microsoft Office.

• Training Course for Teachers of Spanish for "Spanish School Chac-Mool", City of Cuernavaca, Mexico.

• Professional experience:

• Analyst (political affairs and bilateral relations) in the Directorate General for Africa, Middle East and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. 1986-1994.

• Technician (researcher of political affairs and bilateral relations) in the Directorate General for Africa, Middle East and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. 1994-1998.

• Head of North Africa in the Directorate General for Africa and Middle East of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. 1998 to 2002.

• Branch Officer for Africa at the Directorate General for Africa and Middle East of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. 2001.

• Teacher Migration Issues International University (Uninter) in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. 2002.

• Instructor of Spanish for Foreigners (RL). 2002-2008.

• Instructor of Spanish for Foreigners (SL). 2008-2012.
Human profile

Who is Eugenia Calderon?

My name is Eugenia Calderon in Second Life (SL). When a friend of mine invited me to teach Spanish in this virtual world, I asked myself if it was possible to teach in a virtual environment. I thought I would not have the tools needed to transmit the information. I mean, how could I get my student understand the language without the physical movement and the face gestures we use in a real class? I couldn’t imagine all the tools and devices we can find in SL.
Que has encontrado como novedoso para impartir tus clases?

Have you found any new tools to help you teach in SL?
Second Life gives us a lot off tools. SL is itself a wonderful tool to teach. Now, I can offer an experience of three years teaching Spanish in this virtual world and six years more in real life. It is important to point out the use of avatars in SL. They allow us to reproduce a class and give the confidence to interplay. Even more, avatars have some animations and gestures we can use to help us understand the language.
How did you stard giving classes in SL?

Well, when I left my political research job with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, my idea was to take a break from my professional life and take care my family. But, life doesn´t let me be lazy. Well, been a housewife is not easy of course, it´s a really hard work. Anyway, I wanted to take some time to work at home and have time with my son.

When I was organizing my new life, a friend of mine told me about the Spanish classes. She invited me to teach. I was not sure about that, I am not a professional teacher. When my friend explained the idea, I really liked it. She also infected me with her passion of teaching and our wonderful language.
Have you discovered any new things while teaching your spanish classes?

When I was studying the techniques to teach, something beautiful happened. I discovered my language. Wow, it was wonderful! I mean, I speak spanish of course, but I didn´t know how wonderful is it. And now, I really want you, my students, to feel the same. Discover the Spanish language. Discover the beauty of this language.
Let me also show you the Latin-American and especially Mexican culture. I am from Mexico, did I mention that? No? Well, I am. Let me show you my country, my culture, my history, my life. I have a complete program of classes from basic to advanced levels, using the immersion method and the communicative techniques we use in the real classes. Each class I will give you the complete material to work, so, I only ask for your attention and enthusiasm.

What means to you teaching spanish in Sl?

Like I said, teaching Spanish has been a wonderful experience for me, and most important of all, I have time to take care my son and, at the same time, develop other part of my professional life. I can get money too, of course! Join us at the Instituto Español! You will find a new experience, have fun and, I am sure, you will live the Spanish with us!